somthin i had to say(Amgad)..

mm..first..i wanna apologize for any spelling Amgad never forgiveS them..

i have already dozens of reasons to hate u well..there's a lot of situations...opinoions..even words..that make me judge..yes..i don't like this guy! the last few months..we started to get closer..we had things common..yeah..
i like the way u thinking a lot..i like Ur way dressing when u r going to work..'cos when it's casual..U SUCK! more than a thing about u honestly..reading alot is one of them..hard worker too.."mogtahed enta" :)
also i like when u say something..and all the family is against u...finally they believe in you..after our usual problems and loud voice of course(AL 3abdel7fez tab3an :) ) reach ur a professional in ur ur opinion about the couple thingy is the worst about ur damn mind! :S
in fact..there's other one..that i can't tell u-and blog viewers indeed-but it's just something old..too old..i forge it..and the most important.. forgive it..
i know u will be astonished from this post-exactly as i am-but i used to be honest,pragmatic and flexible to change my mind if it worth..and a person like u worth to think twice..
hope u enjoy Ur travel to Qatar..go get them..kick their asses! :D
mm..there's nothing to say proud of u..more than anytime else..happy u got a good jop to show and improve ur talent..happy u gonna travel as u always dreamed..ayoooh ya ged3aan..i think it's enough on u today :P
gonna miss ya,Mon..gonna miss ya :)

the paint by:zenab elsgeney


مصرى said…
أول تعليق
يا فتاخ يا عليم يا رزاق يا كريم إستعنا ع الشقى بالله

nice we2am

i hate Qatar and all the gulf countries but nice topic
Abd El Rahman said…
سيبك من البوست

جامدة الصورة
balila said…
ليه كده بس يا اسطى.. دي حتى قطر جميلة, و فيها موز
المهم, طبعاً أنا عايز اقولكم إن الأخت وئام بتبالغ, و إني أحسن من الكلام اللي بتقوله ده بكتيير, لو شايفة مشكلة عندي, يبقى أكيد العيب فيها, و طبعاً شكلي بيبقى كويس في أى حاجه بالبسها, (هدوم يعني).
المهم, أتمنى ليكم رحلة سعيده, و أشوفكم في قطر قريب
and by the way, its "You Suck" not you'r sucks, that doesn't make any sinse
3asef said…
balila من اسمك المكتوب واضح قدر احترامك ومعرفتك بمباديء الحوار السليم .. اتمنى تتعلم مباديء الحوار وبعدين تفكر تكتب بالقلم وبعدين تفكر تفوت النت وتعلق ع بوست للصادقة وئام
karakib said…
:) يا بخته
بوست بحاله له
يا بختك يااا عم
Aladdin said…
A letter beginning with 'hate you' and ending with 'miss you'!! Such an "ironic" post - indeed!
ody911 said…
هوة يعنى

أنا حاولت







موضوع كبير

وعلى فكرة فيه كلام خارج كمان

شفتوا بقة

مش ضعيف قوى يعنى فى الأنجليزى دة

أصلى بسمع أفلام كتيير يعنى

وعادى بقة
ody911 said…
أنتى مدعوه لتشاركى فى الحوار

عندى فى المدونة
mano said…
i don't know what to say we2am
no words can describe what i feel

i felt the depth of these words

but i think that the people who say that the first impression lasts forever are totally wrong

our feelings and impressions may change as we come closer
أنا هأتغاضى عن الـspelling mistakes علشان انتي اعترفتي بغلطك بشجاعة

لكن مش هأقرا البوست لغاية أما تصلحي الـgrammer mistakes :P

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